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About Held's Janitorial Services, Inc.

Exceptional service, unmatched quality and unparalleled results.

Held’s Janitorial Services, Inc. provides the best, most comprehensive and customized cleaning services in Rochester, NY and the surrounding area. Through our talented team and use of the newest green cleaning technologies, we provide exceptional service, unmatched quality and unparalleled results. 

We know that long-term, satisfied customers are essential to building our success. We achieve this through fair pricing, excellent management and integrity. These qualities are what sets us apart from the competition.  

Thorough Hiring Practices

There are three interviews prior to hiring for Held’s Janitorial Services, Inc. Initially, the applicant must meet and interview with our Human Resource Manager. If acceptable, the prospective employee meets the Supervisor and finally the Account Manager. If all are in agreement, the applicant is hired and undergoes training.

Comprehensive Training

Upon hiring, all employees receive a training session from our Human Resource Manager. Included in this training is our Hazard Communication Program, other OSHA-related subjects including Material Safety Data Sheets, Material Safety training, and correct handling and disposing of all chemicals. Basic safety rules are acknowledged and signed by each employee. This booklet includes lifting and carrying supplies, preventing slips and falls, general safety, equipment and cord safety, vehicle safety, workplace violence, ladder climbing and accidents and emergencies are included. All cleaners also receive Blood Bourne Pathogen Training and are offered free hepatitis shots.

Excellent Employee Incentives

All employee actions directly benefit their wages. After 1 year of service, all employees receive one week vacation pay and holiday pay, then raises coincide with quality of service. We also offer a dental plan and a bus pass program available to all employees after a probationary period.

Security Screening Policies

Held’s Janitorial Services, Inc., takes our pre-employment screening policies very seriously. All employees are required prior to employment to have a 7 county police check. Drug testing is also available for sites if requested.

Professional Appearance

All employees are required to have a high quality of personal hygiene. Uniform shirts or smocks are supplied to our employees. Colors of uniforms are usually decided by the building management. All employees must follow a strict dress code as outlined in our employee handbook.

  • Janitorial Services
  • Carpet Care
  • Floor Maintenance
  • Window Washing
  • Stone Care
  • Emergency Building Maintenance
  • Construction Cleanup
  • Pressure Washing

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At Held’s Janitorial, we realize that every customer has their own needs. We also realize that every facility is different and has its own challenges. This is why we are proud to offer a full line of services that meet these individual needs and challenges. Our goal is to be your preferred service provider for all your maintenance and cleaning services in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 1.716.854.1408 for your free consultation!